Mike Morris - Lead Guitar/guitar synth & Vocals

Mike has played everything, everywhere, and in every type of band anywhere. He stems from Southern Rock Roots, but has an open mind when it comes to all genres of music. Mike is one of the few musicians out there that perform live gig's with not 1 but 2 guitar synthesisers. Mike also has a side D.J. business which enhances his ability to read the crowd.


Danny "Guitar Man" Paone - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Ripping leads combined with awsome tone that makes people stand up and take notice. Danny has played in various bands doing everything from Original's to Covers all over Southern Califonria. In is spare time, Dan owns and operates "Hi-Line Music" in Rancho Cucamonga.


Ned "Nedster!" Jackson -Bass Guitar- Vocals

Ned Jackson has played in many different bands performing many different styles of music. Ned play's too many instruments to list here but here's a few ; Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard.. ect. (get the picture?) Ned has a great ear for harmony and if that isn't enough, Ned is a sound engineer as well. When not gig'ing or recording, Ned works for Pro-Audio Video.




Jesse Sarabia - Drums

Jesse has been playing in various bands around the Inland Empire for too many years to count. While some drummers are only good at certains styles... Jesse has the ability to adapt to any style of music which gives DEA the versatility to play to the crowd, not just the event. Jesse's son "Frankie" is following in his Dad's footsteps and is quite the drummer himself.